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BME Cervical Screening Project (ongoing)

An award winning project to help ethnic minority women to overcome fears and barriers around attending Smear Tests. 


January 2018

FWT are raising the awareness of the importance of cervical screening. Please see images from a  workshop today for Cervical Screening Awareness Week.  2005 women have been supported and encouraged by FWT to go for their cervical smear test since the project commenced. 

For more help and support on taking this potentially life saving, free test please contact FWT health team 


024 7663 7693 or email

We support BME women in Foleshill & Hillfields and work closely across GP surgeries and outreach venues.



Press release for our Cervical Screening Awareness project that appeared in the Coventry Telegraph:

 Volunteers have trained on Cervical Screening at FWT

These volunteers speak English and other languages

MARMOT Conference - Tackling Health Inequalities in Coventry

"FWT was mentioned as an example of good practice project which helps to reduce health inequalities in Coventry, by supporting women from new communities & ethnic groups, eliminating their fears & myths, and helping them to book for cervical screening'"

Please click here for MARMOT Conference video


A 27 year old local resident, Indian origin, new to the country said; “I didn’t know about this test at all. One of the peer support workers from FWT approached me and made me aware of this check and explained why women have this procedure.  

“I now feel confident to share this message with other female family members and friends so that they are aware of this test too.   “I think it’s very important to promote this message to ethnic women within our own communities. “  

Punjabi speaker is a Sikh and new to the country said “I was informed by FWT Cervical Screening Peer Workers. They gave me NHS Cervical screening leaflet and also explained and discussed the importance of the test in Punjabi language.

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