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Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B & C - Women's Health Inequalities across Coventry communities

This project has now ended.

822 people from BME Communities were supported!

FWT was commissioned to deliver a 2 year programme of support to raise awareness & educate BME groups on Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis (Hep) B & C in the heart of BME communities across Coventry 

Our Health Peer worker targeted hard to reach women through innovative outreach & engagement.

We took part in events and workshops across the city and 822 people were engaged in a holistic and supportive way to enable them to take their first steps to lifestyle changes.

User Feedback

“I visited FWT to attend a Coffee Morning Session. FWT Peer Worker was there to advise women about health where she mentioned me about TB, Hep B & C. She told me about infectious diseases. First, I was shocked as I never heard about its seriousness in my community. The Peer Worker cleared all my doubts. I found this information very beneficial and important"

User Comments   

  • “Well explained & friendly approach”    
  • “Very simple and precise messages”      
  • "Pleased to get all this information in my own language”      
  • “Glad to see that FWT are raising the awareness in the community”                         
  • “It was good to talk to FWT Peer and get such vital awareness. I really enjoyed it”  
  • “It was nice to have awareness around TB, Hep B & C because in our community people don’t disclose their health problems easily. They think that other people will make fun of  them when they find out if you are suffering from these illnesses. It’s due to lack of  knowledge & awareness. A lot of social stigma”
  • “I am African origin and there is no awareness around health especially in a small town and  village" 

(FWT Peer Worker promoting TB with Warwick University on outreach)

For further information on this and other Health programmes, contact 

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