Loss Pathway Coventry and Warwickshire Perinatal Mental Health Team

Coventry and Warwickshire Perinatal Mental Health Team in partnership with FWT is running a pilot ‘Loss Pathway’.

The ‘Loss Pathway’ offers talking therapy and signposting for loss and trauma as well as peer support for those women who live in Coventry, Rugby, North or South Warwickshire and have experienced distress or moderate to severe mental health issues following a

• Miscarriage

• Stillbirth

• Termination due to medical reasons

• Death of infant prior to their second birthday

Referrals to access the Loss Pathway, will be made by a professional for example a GP, Health Visitor, Midwife, or Community Nurse. The professional referring will need to facilitate the completion of the CORE10 to assess the level of distress before making the referral.

Referrals will be accepted up to 2 years since the loss, or if a woman is pregnant again and the previous loss is impacting on the current pregnancy to the level that the woman is experiencing moderate to severe distress. When working with mothers under the age of 16 we will work jointly with RISE or Family Nurse Practitioner.

We are unable to support women:

• Who do not live in Coventry, Rugby, North or South Warwickshire.

• Whose child has been removed from their care by social services.

• Who have not experienced a perinatal loss.

• Who are better served by accessing helplines, web-based support, support groups, bereavement counselling or another organisation offering talking therapy or mental health services within our geographical area.

• Who are so acutely distressed that they are deemed a risk to themselves or to others and/or need emergency psychiatric provision.

 For Acute psychiatric emergency, please refer to the Mental Health Access Hub 08081 966 798.