MAMTA – Child & Maternal Health Programme for BME Women in Coventry

The aim of MAMTA is to improve Child and Maternal Health outcomes for BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) women in Coventry.

MAMTA began in Coventry in 2001, as a response to poor child and maternal health outcomes that were evidenced within BME groups in Coventry, when compared with the overall population

MAMTA is FWT’s award winning Child and Maternal Health programme. FWT-a centre for women is Coventry’s leading women only organisations with 30 years’ experience of supporting women in the city. MAMTA is commissioned by SWFT to  work directly with BAME groups in Coventry around Child and Maternal Health, and is part of the current 0-19 Family and Health and Lifestyle Service.

The aim of the service is to improve the health outcomes of BAME women in pregnancy and after baby is born. Peer workers from the community, support women alongside health professionals in the clinics on a 1 to 1 basis –  reinforcing important key health messages ( infant feeding, healthy start scheme, stop smoking, safe sleeping, and others) with vital connections to other services within SWFT and FWT and other partners depending on need.

MAMTA have been working with UHCW maternity services for 19 plus years including running a joint Parentcraft for BAME women. The MAMTA service which has supported 38,463 BAME women antenatally and postnatally across Coventry since its inception.

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If anyone is interested in taking part in the 15 steps please can they contact or Leanne Howlett

MAMTA (FHLS) is offering universal phone support to all BAME pregnant women in Coventry. All BAME women will be offered Parent Craft. Personalised, universal plus support will also be offered through pregnancy and after baby is born, based on need.

MAMTA Parent Education Sessions for BAME Pregnant Women 

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MAMTA Universal Model – Leaflet

 MAMTA Parent Craft – Educational Sessions over the Lockdown period – online Zoom sessions available

Please click the below link for BAME support for pregnant women

Support for Black Asian or any other Minoritised ethnicity (BAME) pregnant women

Please see the video which captures a breastfeeding session of MAMTA Parentcraft in partnership with Maternity Services



The Director of Public Health’s Annual Report has been published and a short film has been made which highlights projects in the city that are tackling health inequalities, including MAMTA.

Here’s the BBC 1 One o’clock news piece

Here’s the  programme piece on Radio 4  (followed by Sir Mike Marmot):


Positive Parenting Seminar

This is a new initiative between MAMTA ( FHLS) and the City Council as part of the Parenting Strategy.  Regular BME Women Only and Language Supported Parenting Seminars at FWT. Creche is available for children (ages 1-5).

The Lord Mayor of Coventry John Blundell and the Lady Mayoress Lindsey Blundell presented our Maternity Services with a plaque today to celebrate being awarded Baby Friendly Accreditation from UNICEF. The MAMTA Programme were a supporting partner in the award  Congratulations to the team for their hard work and this amazing achievement!

We Have Supported More Than 23,100 Women Since We Started!

Giving every child the best start in life still remains a priority for the city. MAMTA staff support antenatal clinics; postnatal clinics; Parentcraft sessions at FWT; and work in partnership with midwives, health visiting teams and other health professionals in educating women on key health messages.

We work across community settings in target areas to educate women on child and maternal health, encourage women to access services and book early into maternity services.

During the last year, MAMTA outputs and outcomes included

  • 1228 users were supported at ante-natal & post-natal clinics
  • 76 workshops including Parent Craft were delivered
  • 104 MAMTA users started a Parent Craft course
  • 150 users were supported within workshops and community settings
  • 175 referrals were made to Infant Feeding and Smoking team by MAMTA

Noreen Bukhari – FWT Healthcare Manager

Noreen Bukhari


MAMTA helped me and I have acquired knowledge that I didn’t fully have which is helping me a lot. It was very encouraging,the support I had with language and cultural support

I wasn’t aware of the risk of cot death messages also how bad smoking and passive smoking is for me and also my baby. I always used to think that how embarrassing it is to breast feed and I see many women in this country bottle feeding but now my thinking has changed, after MAMTA advice

I will breastfeed my baby because I know the benefits of breastfeeding for me and my baby and will stop smoking

I feel confident and empowered after MAMTA advice, When I came to this country it was difficult for me. The health system is very different here and MAMTA helped me to learn more about the system and where to get further support and advice

Exceeding Expectations

Tapping into the city’s future aspirations, hopes and ambitions for its children and young people. This year the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report focuses on the city’s most important asset – its children and young people. The report looks at all the issues that make a difference in a child’s life – from conception to adulthood – and at the work being done across the city to help young people have a better life.

This film was a very useful way of illustrating the valuable services we have in Coventry, capturing some of the specialist services such as MAMTA – FWT, Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and the Infant Feeding Team, that support our children and families. Diverse groups, those with special needs and those from a variety of backgrounds were included, representing the makeup of our great city.