Coventry Women’s Partnership

Supporting Women – Connecting Services

Coventry Women’s Partnership is a unique 3-year project, led by FWT – A Centre for women, which has been created with 5 organisations in Coventry to ensure women in the city feel supported, empowered and believed. We want to break down barriers in access to crucial services, and to make support easier. Our partnership includes Coventry Haven Women’s Aid, CRASAC, Coventry Law Centre and Kairos WWT. 

Through referrals across the partnership, we will work with women who need support in any of the following areas:

  • Education, Training and routes to Employment
  • Confidence Building 
  • Financial security including Debt Advice
  • Health & Wellbeing support & easier access to services 
  • Rape & Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Pathways to exiting prostitution, homelessness & drug addiction
  • Staying safe from Sexual Exploitation
  • Language support
  • Access to childcare

Our research partner, The Women’s Budget Group, will be working with us to evaluate this visionary & innovative project for women in the city.

To receive support or to find out more, please contact:
(024) 7663 7693
Twitter: @FWTCov

During these challenging times Coventry Women’s Partnership is committed to doing everything we can to continue to support and help women in our communities. Partners are following Government advice and guidelines, which means there are some changes in how we deliver our support and services to women.

Full details of the changes to delivery for frontline partners and key contacts is attached. Delivery partners are:

  • Coventry Haven – Women’s Aid
  • Coventry Law Centre
  • FWT – a centre for women
  • Kairos WWT

FWT are the lead partner and enquiries can be sent to Faye but direct referrals to partners is advised if a woman is in urgent need of support.

Women’s Budget Group continue to work as our research partner.

Many migrant women, providing lifesaving care and vital services in the Covid-19 outbreak, risk being left without support by UK immigration rules according to a new report published by the Women’s Budget Group and Coventry Women’s Partnership.

The report, Migrant Women and the Economy, highlights that migrant women are disproportionately represented in ‘key worker’ occupations, working in roles that put their own lives at risk to deliver crucial care. At the same time immigration and social security policies aimed at creating a ‘hostile environment’ mean migrants can be left with no rights to social security or vital services if they are unable to work because of Covid-19. 

The full report page:

The full recoding of the Migrant women launch is available on YouTube. The virtual launch took place on 5th May and the panel included Noreen Bukhari from FWT representing FWT and CovWP.