LIFT Project (Ended)

 Noreen Bukhari

Noreen Bukhari is a long standing member of staff at FWT – A Centre for Women. She manages all the Healthcare Programmes for the organisation, and works at a high level strategically, as well as overseeing the health programmes at an operational level. Noreen has supported the CEO in securing secured funding & commissioning that has enabled FWT to diversify and deliver a greater range of healthcare programmes for disadvantaged women from across Coventry, including BAME women, involving Child & Maternal Health, Cervical Screening Support & Post-Natal Depression support and various other programmes. She has also developed vital links with Coventry University that has resulted in research projects being delivered in partnership. Noreen Bukhari has 15 years of experience working within the voluntary sector, supporting women and  is recognised for her barrier breaking work. She is respected and well known across various sectors in the city, and has won awards in recognition of her work.

In the LIFT project, we are learning about feeding babies in different communities. We want to learn about the baby feeding traditions in the Bengali and Pakistani communities.

The research team are based at Coventry University and are working in partnership with FWT. We are all learning about infant feeding together.

We want to:

  • Learn about different cultures and traditions
  • Improve support for parents
  • Get people talking about feeding babies

We know how important feeding your baby is, and we want to learn from you.

By helping this project you can:

  • Have your voice and experience heard
  • Help benefit your community
  • Support other women and children in the community

Summary of the Events / Workshops so far:

  • Mix Family Event: 200 people attended in November 2017
  • 65 women attended the event in Hillfields November 2017
  • 55 women attended the event at FWT in December 2017
  • Hillfields: 16 Pakistani & Bengali women attended the workshop in February 2018
  • FWT: 29 Pakistani & Bengali women attended the workshop in March 2018
  • FWT: 18 Pakistani & Bengali women attended the workshop in April/May 2018
  • Hillfields: 51 Bengali & Pakistani women attended the workshop in June 2018
  • 3 Health professionals workshop coordinated and hosted by FWT. Workshop led by Coventry University & supported by MAMTA – professionals included Midwives, Health Visitors, Breastfeeding Leads and Regional Health colleagues
  • LIFT Breastfeeding surveys were filled by FWT with community(Pakistani & Bengali) users
  • Identified community facilitators to help with the tool kit