A Learners Story

A success story about how FWT changed one woman’s life. Just one of many….

Hello! My name is Sajal and I am excited to share my journey as a volunteer at Foleshill Women’s Training Centre. As someone who has always been passionate about making a positive impact in community, FWT served as an ideal organisation to put my efforts, passion and contributions into a better use.

My voyage with FWT started in November 2023, when I first entered this country in search of a better life. I embarked on this journey with a desire to contribute, learn and grow. Having a first-hand experience of the difficulties and challenges faced by marginalized communities in a foreign country, I felt compelled to assist a lending hand for a better cause. As FWT works with disadvantaged women and helps them integrate into the world again by providing them with wellbeing exercises, language courses and skills enhancing programs, I was delighted to get the opportunity to volunteer here.

I started with FWT as a volunteer receptionist, but with time and learning I got the chance to be involved in more activities that helped me broaden my horizon and learn about life and culture in the UK. This experience has had a profound impact on me, it improved my communication and teamwork skills and helped me develop a sense of empathy for people around me by being involved in hands on projects arranged by FWT. I was involved in a range of activities from public speaking lessons that not only motivated and inspired me but also challenged me to take new approaches in life. I have witnessed the power of collective action and the positive change that can be resulted from the work of these organizations that integrate the migrants into a new environment.

As I reflect on my volunteer experience, I am brimmed with the sense of gratitude and appreciation for my fellow colleagues in FWT who have helped me in boosting my confidence and sharpening my skills that is proving quite fruitful for my career ahead in the UK. I especially appreciate the efforts of Tirth Hyare, who supported me as a mentor and made me comfortable in a new environment. I hope to continue supporting my community through active volunteering, as should more people who aspire to contribute positively to their society.

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