A Learners Story

A success story about how FWT changed one woman’s life. Just one of many….

I have been of ill health for a number of years and was getting better. I wanted to do something to help build my confidence and gain practical experience that I needed to help me smoothly transgress into apply for jobs and finding full time employment.

I went onto the Do-IT–Volunteering website to see if I could find any organisations that were in my area. I found an organisation called Foleshill Women’s Training. They were looking for volunteers who would like to do volunteering in Administration work. I contacted the centre and filled in their paperwork.

I started volunteering at the Foleshill Womens Training Centre in and they trained me on reception and admin work.

I have gained experience working in the reception area, and also helped with admin work for other projects based at centre such as Mamta, Women’s Pathways Project etc. I also supported their Basic IT sessions run on Tuesdays afternoons and I enjoyed helping the women in the class. All the experience I gained from my volunteering I have put onto my CV.

I have immensely enjoyed my time here at FWT centre the staff have helped me to build up my skills and they have also boosted the way I feel about myself and given me the confidence to move forward within my chosen profession.

All staff has greatly helped me to gain respect and believe in myself and I have also learnt about other issues that I was ignorant about and given me a better understanding of how the work environment functions within a community.

I will be starting work part time 20 hours a week as an Operations Administrator in Coventry.

If you’d like to develop your skills, please contact us on 024 7663 7693 to find out about our courses, volunteering and employment support.