A Learners Story

A success story about how FWT changed one woman’s life. Just one of many….

My name is Shazia. I am 33 years old, I am married, I have four children, I live with my children and my husband, I came to England five years and it was very difficult for me to live because I did not know English and I came from a completely different country with a different culture and different customs, which made life very difficult.  A lot has changed in my life and 80% in my life since the programme with FWT was created for Afghan Interpreters, like my English, and we have learned a lot about living in England e.g. British law, customs, cultures and respect for different cultures. I learned a lot about my life and that of my children through FWT programmes, and the important thing is how to take care of my children at home, how to be safe from mental and physical dangers to be a healthy and a good person in the community in the future and I was able to learn many other things through FWT. I was able to understand my abilities to help myself solve my life problems . English courses and support for Afghan Interpreters for me and other women have helped and made good changes in our lives in every way. Many thanks to those who launched and supported & delivered this program I really thank on behalf all the Afghan women. Maryam & Zivar and those who help and work in this organisation. They really work hard. FWT helps Afghan Interpreter scheme wives very much in the quarantine too. It was helpful to always help ourselves and our children through our online programming and not to be left alone. With very good things available to us such as sports activities, school support and other useful social activities for us ladies and children. They were always in touch with us help us solve some issues, and especially when I was upset, me and other woman ,would call Maryam and she would help us. This program has really progressed very well and is reaching out to Afghan women. All of you who work in these sections of supporting integration and refugees are working hard on everything : to help us learn about living in a foreign country, foreign culture and environment. You give us hope. Thank you all.

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