Clients’ Stories

Mahfuz’s Story

“Hi my name is Mahfuz and this is my story. I did not have a very good education as a child.

When I was sixteen my mother would not let me carry on in school so I worked in a sewing factory from 16 years old, I also did piece work at home in the evening where I was paid 10 pence a garment. I went to Pakistan to meet my husband and married him at 19 and had four children. When my youngest started school I felt that I had fulfilled my role as a wife and mother and now I could do something for myself.

I came to FWT to do a confidence course. I then went on to do the STEPS confidence course, this has helped me realise that I have skills that I can put into practice. When I first started I was really scared and I always believed the negative things that people told me but everyone has been so nice, this has made me feel good. Now I am sure that I want my independence.

Now I have a job as a dinner lady and I hope that I can go on to be a teaching assistant. All of my training has been very good for my family relationships, we have become much stronger and it has become more positive throughout my journey.I have realised that I can do alot by myself. I have changed the way that I look at things and there is no stopping me now.I would never have managed without the support of the centre”.

There is no stopping me now!


Coming here has got me out of the house and given me something to aim for.

You are welcome to share your problems and your happiness here – they welcome both.

It is good that it is women only. I feel safe coming here.

Coming here has given me a chance to build up my confidence make new friends and try new things i am interested in.